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MEMRI: Gaza “Return March” clips

(Scott Johnson) Our print and cable news media outlets have become something like idiots for Hamas this week. They disseminate pure Hamas propaganda and relate the casualty statistics of the “Gaza Health Ministry” as if they derive from a credible source. If not surprising, the ignorance and fatuity on display are amazing. Given the resources available, it really isn’t difficult to figure out what is going on. Has any one of them picked up on the fact that the overwhelming number of those killed by the IDF are admittedly “official” members of Hamas? AFP reports it here (“Hamas official says 50 members killed this week on Gaza border”).
Earlier this week I posted Pierre Revov’s Gatestone video “Behind the smoke screen.” The invaluable MEMRI has now posted two video compilations under the title “Gaza ‘Return March’ Clips – Calls For Jihad & Martyrdom, Chants Of Anti-Semitic Slogans And Incitement.” The MEMRI

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