Merkel vs. Trump: How’s the Future Looking?

President Trump’s had a few less-than-complimentary things to say about Germany over the years.
This should greatly perplex the Left, given that Trump and all who support him are, apparently, followers of Hitler (learn more about yourself here and here).
Nevertheless, it is so– Donald’s racked up a fair share of brushes with his motherland’s chancellor, Angela Merkel.
In fact, the first time she visited the White House after his inauguration, he didn’t shake her hand.
Furthermore, the two are a ways apart on policy, with Germany opening its doors broadly to refugees and immigrants as Trump looks to preserve the American way by strengthening border security and making better business decisions, including those which hit Germany with tariffs.
In an October 2015 Face the Nation interview, Donald called Merkel’s immigration policies “insane.” He’s continued along those lines (and he isn’t wrong).
In December of that same year, when Chancellor Angela was chosen as the Time Person

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