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Mitch McConnell is throwing the Democrats all the rope they want on DACA

I’ve been seeing some pleasantly shocked responses (or at least expressions of puzzlement) from mainstream journalists over Mitch McConnell’s plans for bringing a DACA bill to the floor for debate. Unlike his normal, carefully calculated approach, the Senate Majority Leader is offering up a free-for-all where everyone, Democrats included, will be able to bring up their own amendments for debate and a vote. The way things stand now, as Politico reported this morning, nobody really knows what’s going to be in the bill. And as far as Chuck Schumer’s caucus is concerned, that’s a good thing.
Mitch McConnell is taking the reins of an immigration debate that may prompt a fix for “Dreamers” — or quickly spiral out of control.
Usually careful with his every move, the Senate majority leader is taking a gamble this week with his pledge for a free-for-all debate over the fate of hundreds of thousands of young

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