Money for Nothing: Welcome to Goodellgate

For the NFL, it was more of the same last weekend. Another one of those “marquis players” going down with a season ending injury. In this case, Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks who blew out his Achilles tendon. Sherman was a media favorite for his reliably “provocative” quotes. He will be missed.
Or maybe not.
There were a lot of empty seats at some stadiums. The Rams are playing well enough to make the playoffs and, perhaps, go deep into them. But nobody in Los Angeles seems to care. Too caught up, perhaps, in the Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, et. al. scandal. It seems, intuitively, that Los Angeles ought to have a professional football team, though for years it did not. And that if it does have a team, then it ought to be a contender, which this one is. And, finally, that team should draw legions of passionate fans, which

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