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More “crumb”-iness: Two Pinocchios for McCaskill for false tax-reform attack

Democrats really don’t seem capable of controlling themselves when it comes to the tax reform bill and its impact on American workers. After having hyperventilated before its passage that the bill would literally kill people, Democrats like Sen. Claire McCaskill seem determined to convince people that they’re already dead. Two days ago, McCaskill told HuffPost that the tax bill was nothing but a scheme to make the wealthy even richer that left fewer resources on the table for the working people of Missouri:
“It’s a debt-inducing, make-rich-people-richer tax bill that in the long run is not going to be helpful to the vast majority of people in my state that are sitting around the kitchen table trying to figure out how [to] come out even at the end of the month.”
Needless to say, this is utter nonsense — at least for the first eight years. Even for those Missourians who don’t work

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