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More lyin’ lovers of the FBI

(Scott Johnson) Eric Felten extracts the story of the FBI’s other Trump-hating lovers from the Department of Justice Inspector General report released earlier today. Felten’s account is devastating. Please check it out.
I want only to add one point to Eric’s outstanding article. Forget the culture of leaks at the FBI (one of the report’s institutional criticisms of the bureau). There was a culture of lying shot through the top ranks of the FBI, and it started with former FBI Director James Comey. The culture of lying ran from Comey through his deputy, Andrew McCabe, and from McCabe through the rest of the senior ranks. What we have here is a formerly highly respected institution gone wildly astray in high-minded dishonesty. Their motto might be lifted from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: “Mendacity is a system that we live in.” As Felten tactfully puts it, disciplining the employees involved “will

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