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More shrinkage: Democrats’ lead on generic ballot dips further to 4.7 points

The news yesterday was that, at 5.2 points, the Dems’ generic-ballot advantage had dwindled to its lowest point of Trump’s presidency. But as encouraging as that was, there were milestones still untouched by the GOP. Yesterday the party was at 40.2 percent on the ballot, tied for its highest mark of the Trump era. But they’d never once inched above that since Inauguration Day.
Until now. As I write this they’re sitting at 40.5 percent, just 4.7 points back of Democrats. If they can knock another point off that lead, they’d probably be narrow favorites to hold the House. And needless to say, they’re heavy favorites right now to hold the Senate.
But you don’t need polling to tell you that. Just look at how red-state Democrats are voting on Gina Haspel, knowing how angry their base will be at them.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that, ah, Trump may

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