More Yale Students Demand Emotional Support Animals, Which Are Just Pets

Like most universities, Yale does not allow students to keep pets in their dorm rooms. But federal laws forbid discrimination on the basis of disability status, so university officials have to make accommodations for students who claim to rely on “emotional support animals.”
There are now 14 such animals living on campus—a substantial increase since last year, when just one emotional support animal dwelt at Yale, notes The College Fix.
While the animals undoubtedly provide some comfort to their owners, the science behind emotional support animals rests on a shaky foundation. The relevant expert is actually a Yale doctoral candidate in psychology named Molly Crossman, who tells The Yale Daily News, “There isn’t research that speaks directly to emotional support animals. There’s little directly on that that I’m aware of. Although we generally agree that science informs policy, often it just doesn’t work out like that.”
Don’t blame Yale for humoring its students’

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