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Mr. President, Put Up That Wall

Of all the Judeo-Christian virtues, the one that utterly baffles me is humility. I mean, what is in it for me? In observing our 45th President the past year or so, I believe he too shares my skepticism about humility. Charity? Sure. Kindness? But of course. Yet, humility? I cannot see any benefit for me in practicing humility, and I am pretty sure Donald Trump thinks similarly. In fact, I dare say he has never even tried practicing humility. Certainly I have not. Nor have I tried Chinese cuisine, which, by the way, has no known dessert.
Over the past few days I have watched our President respond to calumnies directed at him by a past employee who, while in the White House, dressed like a garbage man and by a glabrous hoaxer who has already admitted that his rude book about the Trump Administration abounds with falsehoods. Yet he published

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