Net Neutrality Day Of Action Platitudes To Ensnare Corporate Proponents

Amazon, Google, Facebook and others in the tech world…you’re really going to keep poking on net neutrality?
Some of you seem a tad less enthusiastic about net neutrality than you did before, yet here you are participating in the hyped-up July 12 Net Neutrality Day of Action. It appears to be third-party groups being most vocal.
What happened to the energy?
I’ve always urged that regulators domestically and internationally leave you alone, whether the issued was content regulation, privacy, antitrust regulation (for example) and the like.
Yet many Internet companies have relentlessly pushed neutrality campaigns against the telecom sector, when, really, the distinction between content and infrastructure has always been a fluid one.
More importantly, and relevant, both the infrastructure and content/app elements can wield great market power.
Whoops. Regulators are now increasingly noticing net neutrality proponents’ own content, app, access and advertising “dominance.”
Firms offering these services should be disciplined by competition rather than regulation. But

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