Netanyahu in Paris

(Paul Mirengoff) French President Emmanuel Macron hosted yet another prominent leader when Benjamin Netanyahu came to Paris this weekend. Netanyahu’s visit struck a more serous note than President Trump’s. The Israeli Prime Minister wasn’t in Paris for a parade.
Instead, the occasion was the 75th anniversary of a Holocaust roundup in Paris in which thousands of Jews were arrested and deported to Nazi concentration camps in Eastern Europe. The occasion was also a revival of anti-Semitism in France, a string of terrorist attacks against French Jews, and an exodus of Jews from France (5,000 to 8,000 per year recently, out of a population of around 600,000).
Macron did not dance around these issues, past or present. He acknowledged France’s responsibility for the roundup of Jews. His opponent in the presidential race, Marine Le Pen, had denied French responsibility.
Macron also denounced not just anti-Semitism, but also anti-Zionism. Indeed, he called anti-Zionism “a

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