New Hotness From the Left. It Isn’t Fair That No Israeli Soldiers Were Killed During the Gaza Violence

There are people out there who are so profoundly soulless that they will say just about anything to get attention. No matter how stupid and depraved, they are willing to launch any attack. The attempt by Hamas earlier in the week to cause a large scale breach of the fence line separating Gaza and Israel brought a lot of this out.
Some 62 people were killed by Israeli forces. This resulted in the US media portraying it as a massacre of some sorts and a UN hearing where the perpetrators of the violence were cast as the victims.
That was not the case.

If 50 of the 62 people killed on Monday were Hamas and three have been claimed by Islamic Jihad, that means 85% of the dead were terror operatives. While even one civilian inadvertently killed is one too many, the notion that the IDF “fired indiscriminately” is a libelous lie.
— Avi

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