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New York AG files suit seeking to dissolve Trump Foundation for alleged ‘pattern of illegal conduct’

Barbara D. Underwood, the new attorney general for the state of New York, has filed a lawsuit seeking the dissolution of the Donald J. Trump Foundation for an alleged “pattern of illegal conduct,” including “improper political activity, repeated and willful self-dealing transactions,” and other offenses.
The lawsuit also seeks to bar President Donald Trump and his children Eric, Ivanka, and Donald Jr. from serving on the board of any future New York nonprofit.
A full copy of the petition, which was filed in New York Supreme Court on Thursday, can be found here. It should be noted that unlike in most states, the New York Supreme Court is actually a lower court, and not the highest appellate court in the state.
What does the lawsuit allege?
The most serious allegations in the lawsuit fall into two basic categories: First, that the charity was used for impermissible political purposes, and second, that funds donated to

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