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NFL division playoffs round 1 open thread

Jazz: I finished up last weekend on a positive note, getting both of the Sunday games correct for a post-season record of 3-1 so far. Of course, those games weren’t nearly as explosive as Saturday’s offerings and taking the favorites turned out to be the safe play. Today should split the difference in terms of predictability, so I’ll cross my fingers and try to hang on to my slimmer than slim lead.
Ed: I also finished 2-0 last Sunday, but that is (of course) because I picked the same way Jazz did. At least my post-season record has come back up to .500 so far at 2-2, and unfortunately only one of today’s games seems likely to be tough to call.
Jazz: The early game today should be a barn burner when the Atlanta Falcons travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles (4:35, NBC). One interesting historical note here is that

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