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No, Guys, Dating a Transsexual Doesn’t Mean You’re Tolerant and Open-Minded

Ever since a bunch of perverts and nincompoops humored Bruce Jenner’s delusions and declared him “woman of the year,” there has been a concerted campaign to mainstream and normalize transsexualism as something natural and beautiful. The problem is that the world is largely sane, despite what Twitter and CNN might make you think at times, and people, by and large, shook their heads and said, “no, dude, that is really f***ed up.”
But, as we saw in the successful drive that converted buggery from a felony to an activity that we must celebrate, you can never underestimate the potential to make aberrant behavior the norm.
One of the major sticking points in mainstreaming the transsexual nonsense has been the refusal of heterosexual men to date men who are under the delusion that they are women.
The issue–if normal behavior on the part of heterosexual men  is an issue–has been kicking around the “trans

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