North Korea no-shows at meeting to discuss return of US soldier remains

When American officials showed up at the border village between North and South Korea on Thursday, they expected to meet with North Korean representatives to discuss the return of remains of American soldiers killed in the Korean War.
One problem — no North Korean officials showed up, The New York Times reported.
No-show, or miscommunication?
While the American officials clearly thought a meeting was scheduled, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had previously indicated that the details hadn’t been settled before he left North Korea on Saturday.
The Americans called North Korean representatives and scheduled a generals’ meeting between the two nations to take place Sunday.
What’s the background?
North Korea reportedly has the remains of about 5,300 United States soldiers who were killed during the Korean War, which ended with an armistice in 1953.
Some remains have been returned to the U.S. over the years, but very few since recovery efforts were mostly halted in 2005 as

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