On Father's Day, Showtime Comedy Bashes Fathers, Degrades Mothers

Showtime’s new show I’m Dying Up Here is already well past the level of even pretending to be decent, so I’ll just get right to it. We’re three episodes in, and the show has not yet improved on the overplayed cursing, the most degrading crude humor, and the occasional near-nudity. This week, however, the show decided to drag fatherhood down with it…on Father’s Day, of all times.

On the June 18th episode “The Cost of a Free Buffet,” Bill (Andrew Santino) has a rough experience with his visiting father who is currently being laid off from his job at General Motors. In addition to blaming “Arabs and Japs” for Detroit’s failing economy, his father shows disdain for Bill’s current unemployment, warning, “I can buy and sell you ten times over.” Great guy, right there. Unfortunately, Bill is not alone as he laments with his friends Ralph (Erik Griffin) and Sully (Stephen

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