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Online Sales Taxes Won't Solve States' Budget Problems

For almost 20 years, state and local politicians have lobbied Congress for permission to reach across their borders and collect sales taxes from online businesses that are not located in their state.
The plan for this unprecedented tax expansion has always been a small-business killer, because of the massive new compliance burdens these taxes would impose on small business owners. It is also a blow to healthy tax competition between states that is provided by the Constitution’s protection of interstate commerce.
Today, many states are enjoying a revenue windfall from national economic growth, as well as the new revenue thanks to recent federal tax reforms. So, the big question many are beginning to ask is: why do states need to unearth yet another revenue source?
The main argument for states “needing” this new taxing power is that they have suffered from shrinking sales tax revenue as more purchases are made online. An often-quoted

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