Painter retouches self-portrait

(Scott Johnson) The turmoil in the DFL in advance of the August 14 primary to sort out their candidates for statewide office is unprecedented. It both reflects and illuminates the churning crosscurrents in the Democratic party nationally. I don’t know that we can necessarily learn anything from close observation here — I think we can — but the scene certainly warrants attention in any event.
The contest between appointed incumbent Tina Smith and new Democrat Richard Painter for what was Al Franken’s Senate seat must top the marquee. Smith is an utterly vacuous metropolitan leftist who formerly served as Mark Dayton’s lieutenant governor. University of Minnesota Law School professor Richard Painter identified himself as a Republican when he served in the Bush (43) White House counsel’s office and when he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in the 2016 election.
Painter continued to hold himself out as a Republican as he made a

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