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Palestinian Swastikas: Where’s the Outrage?

Sunday, June 10 marked the 51st anniversary of the end of the Six-Day War, in which Israel decisively defeated Egypt and Jordan. As it happens, Hamas’s rolling assault on Israel’s Gaza fence is drawing to an end after nearly three months. What significant lesson can we draw from this latest round of Palestinian aggression? Three notable features of this latest flare-up in the Arab-Israeli conflict can guide us.
Palestinian Neo-Nazism. Begin with how Palestinian rioters marked April 20, Hitler’s birthday, no less: they flew petrol bomb kites into Israel marked with swastikas. In this vein are UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s remarks (6:22) excoriating Hamas for its May 14 assault on Israel, unleashed on the 70thanniversary of Israel’s declaration of independence, and the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. In it she cites (approx. 4 min. mark) a Hamas terrorist stating, of his wearing the Nazi swastika emblem — openly flaunted by Palestinian

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