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Patent eligibility issues return to the forefront – Patent eligibility issues return to the forefront

Once again, issues surrounding what types of inventions are eligible for patent protection have returned to the news, thanks to Patent Office Director Andrei Iancu — and just in time for an AEI event next week featuring the director.
United States Patent and Trademark Office, via Flickr.
As explained here last month, the issue of patent eligibility first exploded exactly four years ago, as the Supreme Court’s decision in Alice v. CLS Bank required patent applicants to claim something “significantly more” than an abstract idea, natural phenomenon, or law of nature.
The decision threw the patent world into a tizzy, as inventors, attorneys, and examiners at the Patent Office alike struggled to develop a framework, consistent with the Supreme Court’s guidance, that would provide predictability in the inventive process.
In the ensuing years, patent applications and issued patents alike endured significant challenges, as courts and examiners swept away intellectual property that was previously patentable

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