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Pence: “I Purposely Ignored Kim Jong Un’s Little Sister” to Send a Message

Vice-President Mike Pence sat down for an interview on Wednesday with Axios in order to discuss various things, one of which was the cold shoulder he gave to Kim Yo Jong, the little sister of brutal North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.
Pence famously pretended during the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony that Kim wasn’t even there as leaders sat down around each other. The move was lauded by many as the right thing to do, and lambasted by others as an undiplomatic move.
Pence clarified his actions during a round of Q&A with Axios co-founder Mike Allen, Pence said he “didn’t avoid the dictator’s sister, but I did ignore her.”
The reason he did so is to send the message that America knows who they’re dealing with.

“I didn’t avoid the dictator’s sister, but I did ignore her,” says VP Pence of not greeting Kim Jong Un’s sister at Olympics. In @axios interview with

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