Periods in search of an argument

(Paul Mirengoff) Today’s column by Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post is called “The. Meeting. Was. Not. Okay.” Can you find the part of the column where she offers reasons in support of this proposition? I can’t.
Marcus and her editors must believe that if you put enough periods in the title, no argument in favor of the proposition is necessary.
Marcus also asserts that Trump denies Russia interfered in the election. Actually, he doesn’t. Trump’s position repeatedly has been that Russia “probably” interfered. I think he should drop the “probably,” but to say that Trump is denying the interference is incorrect.
Marcus then points out that President Trump first said he didn’t know about the meeting between his son and the Russian lawyer, but later said it might have been mentioned. That’s true, and it follows a troubling pattern in this presidency. However, it doesn’t show that Trump Jr. acted improperly

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