Pink pussyhats of the anti-Trump Women’s March are falling out of favor. The reason is quite ironic.

How can anyone forget “pussyhats”?
A sea of the pink knitted caps — shaped with feline-like ears — were atop the heads of scores of attendees at last year’s Women’s March in protest of newly inaugurated Republican President Donald Trump.
The reason for the pussyhat explosion was obvious: A month before last year’s election, a leaked 2005 audio featured Trump saying he could “grab” women “by the pussy” if he wanted since he was a “star” — and outrage ensued.
Image source: YouTube screenshot
But as the Women’s March returns across the nation next weekend, the pink pussyhats are falling out of favor.
Why are the pink pussyhats on the outs?
The reason: Apart from the vulgarity of it all, the colorful head apparel excludes transgender women and gender nonbinary individuals who lack female genitalia — as well as women of color since their genitals are more likely to be darker colors than pink, the Detroit

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