Playing the race card on immigration

(Paul Mirengoff) President Trump denies that he referred to certain countries as s***holes” during a meeting with Senators about DACA. He admits using “tough” language, but not that particular word.
Originally, the quote was attributed to Trump by anonymous sources not present at the meeting. However, Sen. Durbin, who was there, now says Trump did say “s***holes.”
Frankly, I don’t consider either Trump or Durbin honest. So for now, I’m agnostic as to whether the president used the particular offensive word ascribed to him. But at least Trump seems to recognize that it’s inappropriate for the president to speak this way about other countries.
Is it racist, though? Yesterday, in a brief add-on to a post by Steve, I argued that Trump likely described the countries this way because of how he views the objective conditions there, not because of the race of the residents. I would add that the very premise of

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