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Police trying to ID hundreds of victims secretly recorded in dressing rooms

Police in Lake Worth, Texas, are trying to identify hundreds of women who were allegedly recorded without their knowledge.
Suspect Alexander Martinez has been arrested and charged with Invasive Visual Recording, after authorities discovered videos of alleged victims spanning back to 2011.
What led to the arrest?
A female shopper filed a complaint after discovering that she was being recorded while changing in a Target dressing room while her young children were with her.
The suspect fled, but Target employees alerted authorities a week later when the accused peeping Tom returned to the store.
Martinez was arrested and a warrant was granted for law enforcement to search his electronic devices for evidence. Detective Richard Martinez said after reviewing the suspect’s videos, “I’ve been in law enforcement almost 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.
“There’s hundreds of women being violated.”
The years of footage reportedly showed women and teenagers being recorded while disrobing, other shots

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