Poll: Plurality now says Mueller probe has been handled unfairly

Less than two months ago, Quinnipiac got a 52/32 split on whether Mueller was conducting a fair investigation. But even then, there were signs of trouble. Last November, the split was 60/27. Mueller had lost ground on public opinion as the probe wore on. Other polls around the same time also showed public interest beginning to fade. Monmouth, for instance, asked Americans in July 2017 whether they thought the Russiagate probe should continue and found 62 percent in favor versus 33 percent opposed. In April of this year, the split had slipped to 54/43.
Whether you want to credit Trump’s endless messaging war on Mueller and the DOJ for that or just public fatigue as the probe has lurched into its second year, there’s no doubt that public support is declining. Still, I don’t believe any poll has showed the balance of opinion against Mueller on any key question pertaining to

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