Pretending our way to decline

(Paul Mirengoff) I had hoped that the idiotic left-wing outrage at Attorney General Sessions’ use of the term “Anglo-American law enforcement” would dissipate without making it into mainstream discussion. The fact that former President Obama has referred to the Anglo-American nature of our justice system seemed to support my hope.
No such luck. This morning, I heard NPR pretend there is a legitimate racism story here. So did ABC News and the New York Daily News. (To its credit, the Washington Post countered by trying in two stories to set the record straight).
Accordingly, I must reluctantly agree with Charles Cooke’s take on this pseudo-controversy: “We’re screwed.”
We’re screwed as a polity if we must pretend that our system of law isn’t what it actually is — Anglo-American — lest we be accused of racism.
We’re screwed if we must pretend that black students in public schools are suspended and otherwise disciplined at a

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