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Principal offers students from violent neighborhood $100 to not fight — and it’s working

At Mitchell Elementary in Philadelphia, a school in a poverty-stricken neighborhood where violence is a way of life, the principal has come up with an effective way to stop her students from fighting: pay them.
Principal Stephanie Andrewlevich made a pledge to the 33 eighth-graders at her school: If they can make it through the end of the school year with no fights, each of them will get $100 cash.
But, it’s a team effort: If any students get in a fight, no one gets the money. Now, what started off as the pursuit of cash has actually transformed an entire school, the Philly Inquirer reports.
How did it start?
Andrewlevich observed her eighth-graders on a field trip in September, and saw them getting along well and behaving perfectly.
Knowing all the obstacles these children would face because of where they live, she was determined to protect their potential and protect them from the corrosive nature

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