Prufrock: A History of Teeth, Modern Mavericks, and in Praise of Brooks Brothers

In praise of Brooks Brothers: “The best thing about Brooks Brothers apart from their essential catholicity is their conservatism. There are very few items for sale in their stores or online that would have turned an eyeball in 1960.”Lars von Trier trolls Cannes: The House That Jack Built “premiered at the Cannes film festival on Monday to widespread outrage, a mass walkout and tepid reviews…In an interview with Cineuropa, the Danish director said he was pleased by the reaction and it made him ‘very relaxed’.”Two hidden pages in Anne Frank’s diary have been restored. They contain dirty jokes and a description of “sexual matters,” but also evidence of a more literary approach to writing. “Mr. de Bruijn said Frank may have also pasted over the pages as a form of self-editing as she revised her diary in preparation for the second, public v…read more

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