Prufrock: How Burke Became a Conservative, the Paul Pine Mysteries, and True Detective Arthur Conan Doyle

When the creator of Sherlock Holmes helped free the wrongfully convicted Oscar Slater, it should have led to a happy ending. It didn’t: “For a man wrongfully convicted and for a detective novelist, Slater’s release should have been a perfect ending. It was no such thing. Once Slater was freed from Glasgow prison in 1928, he faced narrowed prospects. The ‘Slater’ name, and its associated infamy, slammed doors on professional opportunities and brought back painful memories, so he reverted back to his birth name of Leschziner. Not only was the real murderer never properly identified, but the relationship between Slater and Conan Doyle devolved into something ugly: By the time Conan Doyle died, in 1930, Slater and he were estranged.”How Burke became a conservative: “Far from defending established order, Burke routinely criticized what he considered the abuse of authority, from British policies toward t…read more

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