Prufrock: Remembering Tom Wolfe, Prescient Percy, and Tim Cook’s Banal Commencement Speech

Tom Wolfe has died. He was 88. Kyle Smith remembers when he first read Wolfe’s The Right Stuff (“To this day, no book has ever hit me harder.”). Tina Brown laments that he died at a time when we need him most: “He loved to stir it up. He loved to skewer political correctness. I’d love to have the 60-year-old Wolfe working now in what is such an intellectually inhospitable time.” There will be other remembrances to follow, no doubt, but until then, re-read Andrew Ferguson’s review of The Bonfire of the Vanities or Joseph Bottum’s take on I Am Charlotte Simmons. Or watch William F. Buckley’s interview of the writer on Firing Line (Wolfe on Radical Chic: “It turned out, I was the man who laughed in church. You know, the man who laughs in …read more

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