Putting Asterisks in S***hole Is F***ing Stupid

Yesterday the president used an excrement-related vulgarity to describe Haiti and certain African countries, renewing the evergreen debate about whether it is appropriate for news outlets to quote public figures who make news by saying inappropriate things. Somehow the obvious answer continues to elude high-minded editors and prim TV anchors.
The New York Times, after soberly considering the issue, went the full shithole (twice!) in covering Donald Trump’s immigration discussion with members of Congress but omitted the term from its headline, substituting “disparaging words.” Then it ran a sidebar about how the Times and other news organizations approached the issue.
“It seemed pretty clear to all of us that we should quote the language directly, not paraphrase it,” explains Phil Corbett, the paper’s associate managing editor for standards. “We wanted to be sure readers would fully understand what the story was about.”
Reporter Michael Grynbaum says shithole again in the sidebar but is

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