Race Hoax as a Military Weapon

The race hoax at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs has unraveled. The hoaxer, a black football player and prospective cadet at its prep school, is exposed and gone. Racial slurs scrawled across dorm whiteboards were fakes, the student’s own.
But Air Force Academy superintendent, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, demonstrates no chagrin for the spectacle he created, when he dressed down 4,000 standing cadets and the faculty on account of phantom white racial bigotry.
Silveria remains nonchalant and remorseless. “Regardless of the circumstances under which those words were written, they were written, and that deserved to be addressed,” Silveria emailed the Colorado Springs Gazette, when asked for comment. “You can never over-emphasize the need for a culture of dignity and respect — and those who don’t understand those concepts aren’t welcome here.”
This is actually an astonishing response under the circumstances. Silveria’s Sept. 28 speech was a carefully staged, almost cinematic tour

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