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Radical Students Play White Supremacist Card

As if their very existence were not endangered enough, campus radicals who dominate universities can’t seem to find any conservative professors who are not white supremacists, whether they are or not. “A conservative professor at Florida Atlantic University forcefully defended himself when student protesters interrupted a faculty meeting to once again accuse him of white supremacy,” Celine Ryan reports on the Campus Reform website. “Campus Reform recently reported that flyers were found around FAU’s campus accusing Dr. Marshall DeRosa of being a ‘white supremacist’ with ‘ties’ to the Koch brothers and the League of the South Institute.”
“At the time, DeRosa told Campus Reform that these ‘ties’ were in reference to the fact that he received funding for the Civics Education Project, with which he taught civics at a maximum security prison, and denied any links to white supremacist groups.Indeed, DeRosa has explained that while he was once a faculty member

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