Rasmussen: Plurality Wants Kavanaugh Confirmed, Almost 1-in-5 Undecided

According to a new survey from Rasmussen Reports, 44 percent of likely voters want the Senate to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. According to the poll, 38 percent said he should not be confirmed and 19 percent were undecided. His early favorable/unfavorable numbers are similar: 41 percent view him favorably, 33 percent do not, and 26 percent are unsure. Many voters don’t know much about Kavanaugh and the media has just started vetting him, so these numbers will probably change. But, given what we know about partisanship and other recent SCOTUS nominees, these numbers seem like a reasonably estimate of where public opinion is right now. Specifically, some voters might be using their existing views of Trump to form new views on Kavanaugh. Rasmussen’s recent polling has shown President Trump w…read more weeklystandard.com

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