Repealing ObamaCare Just Got 16% Easier

Health Reform: “In many ways, it’s working better than anticipated.” That’s how President Obama described ObamaCare in March 2015. The latest enrollment report shows just how wildly wrong he was.
The latest official count shows that 10.3 million are enrolled in the ObamaCare exchanges. That’s down from the 12.2 million who were reported to have selected an ObamaCare plan this year, which means that nearly 2 million people (16%) signed up for coverage and then failed to make a payment on it.
It also means that there are 800,000 fewer ObamaCare enrollees now than there were a year ago. And it means that after the first year, enrollment has effectively flat-lined — each year, around 12 million sign up for a plan, but only about 10 million make the first payment. (See nearby chart.)
The latest enrollment data also shine a much-needed light on just how utterly worthless those projections are about what

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