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Report: Arianna Huffington Proved Uncaring About Sexual Harassment at the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post, old feminist faithful, was apparently not as friendly to women as it likes to pretend it is, and was guilty of allowing sexual assaults to occur to female staff members according to a recent tell all report.
What’s more is that Arianna Huffington knew all about it.
According to Gizmodo, Huffington was only too proud to welcome Jimmy Soni as head of the news room in 2012. Huffington reportedly considered Soni “one of her most trusted lieutenants” and elevated him to the position of managing editor after having no editorial experience, and only nine months as her chief of staff.
Naturally, Soni ran HuffPo into the dirt, but Soni was dirty in other ways too.
According to Gizmodo, in 2014, Huffington abruptly announced that Soni would be taking over at HuffPo India out of New Delhi. This seemed more like a banishment than a promotion, and as a Gawker article would

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