'Resist Trump' Is An Expensive Flop In Georgia — Will Dems Drop Another $8 Million On Ossoff?

Politics: The special election held in Georgia on Tuesday was supposed to a blockbuster event showcasing the anti-Trump wave sweeping the nation. Instead, it was an overhyped dud.
So sure that Georgians shared their loathing of Donald Trump, Democrats from around the country poured more than $8 million — almost none of which came from people in Georgia’s 6th District — into the campaign of 30-year-old political novice Jon Ossoff. Celebrities endorsed him. The media showered him with free publicity. And he was running against 11 Republican candidates.
But even with all that support, Ossoff wasn’t able to win a majority of the vote, and as a result he will have to face off against the second-place finisher, Republican Karen Handel, in June, to fill the seat vacated by President Trump’s HHS secretary, Tom Price.
Still, isn’t getting 48% a big achievement in a “ruby red” state like Georgia? Ossoff called this “a

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