Revolt of the Beautiful People Who Hate Trump

The official word in Washington is that the loathsome Donald Trump is already history and on his way out, enmeshed in scandal, self-inflicted wounds, abandoned by staff, utterly alone and powerless. How convenient for all concerned is that he’s leaving on an eight-day trip overseas on Friday. Some will call it an escape into exile. And in case he decides to come back, the usual suspects on the 9th Circuit will be rounded up to cancel his return visa. As the song used to go, he’ll be the man who never returned.
As America’s democratic order is destroyed — he is after all the man who won election to the presidency last November 8 and was duly inaugurated on January 20 and now the only acceptable next move is his extremely premature ouster — what will we be left with? A nominal two-party system in which only one of the parties

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