Rue Britannia

(Steven Hayward) The Conservative Party in Britain has the Labour Party by the throat in the upcoming snap election, and could wipe out Labour for a decade. This is largely because Labour has chosen Jeremy Corbyn as its leader, and Corbyn makes Bernie Sanders look like Jeb Bush by comparison.
So what does Tory Prime Minister Theresa May do with the chance to smash the Labour Party to bits? They’ve issued a campaign platform that will make Margaret Thatcher roll over in her grave. It is arguably to the left of Tony Blair’s governance. The Spectator tells the sorry story in “Red Theresa“:
Just two years ago the Tories were denouncing ideas such as an energy price cap as ‘Marxist’. Trying to fix prices, they said, was as naive as trying to legislate for the weather. Now price caps are Conservative party policy. In 2015, Ed Miliband’s plan for an £8 minimum

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