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Rush: Trump 'blew up' Dems' election strategy with 1 question

Rush Limbaugh
The mainstream media was aflame on Friday over reports that President Trump was derogatory about less-developed countries and the immigrants they send to the United States.
According to sources that wouldn’t identify themselves, he called those countries: “S—holes.”
But the nation should ignore the words used, and focus on the results reached by the president, according to talk radio superstar Rush Limbaugh.
The conversation was about Democrat demands that illegal aliens already in the country be protected, even given citizenship and the vote. They had had an open discussion with the president earlier, and appeared confident that their new proposal, to hand out citizenships and voting rights – without much if any border security – was about to be moved forward.
Then they presented it to Trump.
“And what did Donald Trump do?” Limbaugh said on Friday, while the mainstream media repeated, over and over and over, what the two unidentified sources claim Trump

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