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SCOTUS and Criminal Law: Four Cases

On Monday, the Supreme Court handed down five decisions, four of them dealing with criminal law and the rights of the accused.  In all four of these decisions, for anyone who professes fealty to the Constitution, the Court got it correct in all of them.
In Dahda vs. United States, a judge in Kansas authorized a wiretap of communications of a suspected drug trafficker.  In fact, nine such warrants were issued and each had a single line in the warrant authorizing the interception of communications from Missouri even though the federal magistrate only had jurisdiction in Kansas.  After the conviction, the defendants moved to have the evidence thrown out because of that one line even though, being a gray area, the prosecutors disregarded the evidence from the out-of-state communications intercepts.  In this case, the Court correctly noted that the facial challenge to the warrant, which if they prevailed, would have thrown out all the

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