SCOTUS: California county can regulate gun stores out of existence

This actually happened on Monday evening but we didn’t get around to tagging it until today. SCOTUS had been petitioned to review the case of Teixeira vs. Alameda County, a California suit brought by prospective gun shop owners who were blocked from setting up their new store by a county ordinance. Challenging the state law (which banned the establishment of new gun shops in unincorporated areas within a certain distance of residences, schools or daycare facilities), the plaintiffs had a seesaw battle in the lower courts, finally having to appeal it all the way to the top after losing out in the 9th Circuit.
Unfortunately for the plaintiffs, on Monday evening the Supreme Court announced without further comment or dissent that they would not be accepting the case and would allow the 9th Circuit ruling to stand. (San Francisco Chronicle)
The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a challenge by would-be gun

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