Sean Hannity fires back at Joe Scarborough after the MSNBC host calls Fox News ‘state-run’ TV

Sean Hannity and Joe Scarborough’s long-standing feud reignited on Monday when the “Morning Joe” host, during his the airing of his show, called Hannity’s Fox News show “state-run television,” referring to last week’s airing of Hannity’s interview with Donald Trump Jr.
After Trump Jr.’s interview with Hannity aired, a former KGB counterintelligence agent told the AP that he was, indeed, part of the purported covert meetings between Trump Jr. and Russian officials.
Both Trump Jr. and President Donald Trump denied that anything inappropriate happened during the meeting — which occurred in June 2016, months before the presidential election — and although Trump Jr. told Hannity that, “In retrospect, I probably would have done things a little differently,” more reports emerged after Trump Jr.’s Fox News interview.
A report Friday afternoon revealed two more people attended than were previously disclosed.
According to reports, those in attendance included former KGB counterintelligence agent Rinat Akhmetshin, who emigrated to

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