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Seattle Backs Off Its Employee Head Tax

A couple weeks ago we looked into the legislation coming out of Seattle to tax employers a flat rate for every employee they had on staff, a tax known as an employee head tax (EHT). As a National Taxpayers Union Foundation analysis noted, other cities soon followed suit with their own EHT plans — proof that Seattle’s foolishness wasn’t limited to its own backyard. The half-baked idea behind an EHT is to raise revenue to fight homelessness by taxing employers for every job they created.
Fortunately, it looks like, in the face of mounting public pressure, Seattle’s city council will back down and repeal the tax. Seven of the city’s nine city council members, and their Democratic mayor, will likely support repeal.
The narrative will be that big corporations forced Seattle’s hand. But the fact is that local Seattleites were growing tired of the questionable policymaking coming out of the Seattle city

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