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Senate confirms Benczkowski; it’s time to confirm Dreiband and Clark too

(Paul Mirengoff) On Wednesday, the Senate confirmed Brian Benczkowski as head of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department. Thus, a year and a half into the Trump administration, the Senate has finally confirmed one of Trump’s nominees to a key assistant attorney general position.
Three other such key positions remain vacant. They are head of the Civil Rights Division (Eric Dreiband), head of the Environment and Natural Resources Division (Jeff Clark), and head of the Civil Division (Jody Hunt). These nominees have cleared committee (twice), but are in limbo with no clear prospect of getting to the Senate floor for a vote.
Why did Majority Leader McConnell opt to invoke cloture on Benczkowski only? Probably because the White House prodded him to get the criminal division position filled. Trump apparently sees filling that job as a higher priority than filling the others.
I can understand Trump feeling this way. However,

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