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Senate Democratic leadership: There’s really not much we can do to stop Kavanaugh

Consider this a follow up to a post I wrote yesterday about the collapsing opposition to the Kavanaugh nomination. Today, the Hill notes that Senate Democratic leaders are sounding a bit frustrated with the wild expectations coming from of their own base. Senators Schumer and Durbin and are doing their best to prepare the left for imminent failure.
Back when Justice Kennedy first announced he was resigning there was some immediate speculation about ways in which Democrats could prevent the GOP from replacing him. A University of Miami political scientist named Gregory Koger proposed to Vox and other news sites that Democrats could prevent a vote by denying a quorum. Simply put, Democrats would refuse to show up for work and thereby prevent the GOP, which needs a simple majority present to hold a vote on anything, from acting.
I wrote about this here and suggested that, as dumb as it sounded, the

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