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Senate Republicans Should Stand With Ted Cruz and Ben Sasse, Reject Mark Bennett’s 9th Circuit Nomination

Mark James Bennett, of Hawaii, President Donald Trump’s nominee to be a 9th Circuit Judge, laughs during a U. S. Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington on Wednesday, April 11, 2018. At left is Sen. Brian Schatz, D-HI who spoke in Bennett’s behalf. Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La. is at right. (AP Photo/Harry Hamburg)
One of the things that Republicans have been calling Trump’s biggest success is passing through the Senate a series of great judges to key federal roles, and it is not an incorrect claim. The fact of the matter is that Trump’s team has done great work in nominating federal judges and he should be commended on that.
There is one appointment, however, that is just baffling to me, and if you know who Mark Bennett is, you should be baffled as well.
Bennett is currently up for the 9th Circuit, a court that has proven time and

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