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“Sessions tries to regain Trump’s favor”

(Paul Mirengoff) That’s the top headline in today’s Washington Post (paper edition). I’m not sure why it’s newsworthy, though. Naturally, a Cabinet member wants to be in the good graces of his boss, the president. There’s no job security, and not much chance of being very effective, without the president’s favor.
It would be newsworthy if a Cabinet member tried to curry favor by acting lawlessly. However, nowhere in the Post’s article do reporters Josh Dawsey and Matt Zapotosky point to any lawless measures taken by Attorney General Sessions to please Trump.
The best Dawsey and Zapotosky can do is to note that the Justice Department “has begun looking into matters that Trump has publicly complained are not being pursued.” But it would be odd, and in my view irresponsible, for any department head not to look at matters the president thinks warrant attention.
The Justice Department is not an independent

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